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Stephanie Dias is the founder of Sdias London. She is a British Jamaican Interior designer, born and raised in Holland Park, London. With a passion to incorporate inspirations from both home and abroad in her design work. Her extensive portfolio includes work with multi award winning developers and designers across central London.

Stephanie launched her own business within the super prime residential interior design industry in 2016 to amplify an additional layer of interior design that she felt was lacking. Curating truly timeless interiors that can be enjoyed in both the now and future.


About me

Stephanie’s passion and drive for interior design stems from her Caribbean and British background and extensive worldwide travel, which influences her adaptability and appreciation for the diverse design needs of her clients. Stephanie strives to create aesthetically beautiful interiors, at the highest standard, with astute attention to detail.

Design is seen in our everyday environment, interpreted visually into a 2D sketch which then can be transformed into 3D form. How we as human species develop, adapt, and expand in life is so delicately articulated through how we choose to design the spaces around us. And in this way architecture & design is bigger than us, providing historical footprints on how our perspectives in life may change. Allowing us to visually appreciate what matters to us the most, and it is in this way that design is so special.